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Win real cash and prizes. Over $30,000 won every month!
About Prize
Based in Austin, Texas, Prize.com has a core focus on real-prizes and real-money gaming. Beta launched in March 2013 as a cash skill-gaming website with over 30 exclusive game titles and has grown to a user base of over 130K users. Prize specializes in casual gaming that combines social interactions and value for brand advertisers through cash gaming, sweepstakes, and incentives.
Prize gives away everything from gift cards to cars and will continue to push to be the world's leader in casual/cash gaming and sweepstakes.
Key Metrics
Updated August 1st, 2013
$25,000 wagered monthly
30+ exclusive games
20+ minutes avg. user session with multiple sessions per day
13 games played per day per user
125,000 members

Founders have chosen to bootstrap, not take any outside funding, and have personally invested $2.0MM into Prize. Growing fast, Prize now has 14 full-time employees and will soon be expanding into casino games for web, social, and mobile.
Prize at a glance
Tommy Grupa
Paul Mazzola
Armin Busatlic
Austin, TX